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Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Jeremiah 29:11 - "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"

During the last 20 years that verse from Jeremiah has kept cropping up in my life and I have said yeah, yeah and not really, really believed that those words could possibly be for me. It is only in recent weeks that I’ve realised that what I have in Jesus now is very, very precious and that I do have a hope and a future I could never have imagined possible.

Then this morning I came across the following in an article sent to me in an email. This article by Vince Gibson, brought the scripture back to the forefront of my mind today and caused me to ponder it anew. And YES, I REALISED THAT I AM BEGINNING TO WALK IN THE MANIFESTATION OF THAT PROMISE FOR ME IN JEREMIAH.

The article was so good I had to include this excerpt from it. I hope you are as blessed and encouraged by this as I was.

“As I looked into His eyes, I could tell He was up to something. Immediately, HE held out HIS hands and in them HE had two blocks. On one block was written ‘HOPE’ and on the other ‘FUTURE’. I stood up to take them, but instead of taking them HE shoved them straight into my chest. I knew at that instant I would be able to discern the mysteries of my hope and future.

My first instinct was to search inside to see the details. I had such excitement that my destiny would finally be revealed and my future laid out in full detail before me. As my eyes focused on the two blocks, the words "hope" and "future" had been replaced by only one name: "Jesus." There were no details at all, no plans for world domination, no formula to take the globe, no step-by-step programs — only His name.

I looked up and HE spoke.

“I have the details and I will reveal them when I am ready; for now I am all you need, I am your hope and your future! I am the rhythm of life, I am the next note, I am the next unknown which I already know, I am the next breath which I have already taken. I hold all the wisdom from the age past, the age present, and the age to come”

We get so wrapped up in the details; I know how important plans and details are. They are needed, but many times "the details" become the focus. Honestly, HE is the only detail that matters! In Proverbs 16:9 it states, "A man's mind plans his way but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure."

Seek HIM first in everything we do and HE will reveal and add everything else later. We strive so hard for the details when all we have to do is be in the secret place with no agenda except to love on HIM, and out of that — the hope and the future appear. Remember that HE taught and revealed those details to the ones that climbed the mountain with Him. This "climb" will take work and sacrifice on our part.
YES, HE knows the plans HE has for you, not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future!”

Vince Gibson The Habitation and Abiding Glory Ministries

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